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Outlook on the Start-ups Ecosystem in the UAE


UAE is currently the 3rd largest economy in the middle east region and 32nd on the global level with a GDP of $432 million, as of 2018. For years, the UAE economy was dependent on oil. But over the past decades, the country has shifted its focus towards non-oil sectors. Today, the United Arab Emirates is making headway as a significant incubator of technology startups. Interestingly, the country has the most active startup ecosystem, with 33 of the 50 most funded startups headquartered in the emirates. Saudi Arabia comes in second with seven startups. Abu Dhabi and Dubai have the largest number of Start-up companies in the UAE.

The business and political ecosystem of the UAE has helped enormous start-ups to thrive. Some of the factors for the success of start-ups in the UAE are its well-connected air and sea routes, government regulations, and its strategic location that connects the rest of the world with the developing Asian and African markets. In this article, we will explore what makes UAE a prime destination for starting up in the Middle East region.

Why is UAE an attractive destination for startups?

The UAE government is continuously striving to make UAE as an ideal place to start a new business. Some of the advantages include.
Stability & strategic location: The strategic geographic location of the country makes it ideal for new businesses as it connects several developing markets in Africa, South Asia, and the middle east. UAE also has a very low crime rate. UAE ranked in the top 50 countries with high political stability and the absence of violence in the world, according to the World Bank. All these aspects make the UAE a stable and secure place to start a business.

Ease of doing business: UAE stands 16th in the ease of doing business ranking in the world compared to 190 countries. The government has made steps to reduce the time required for obtaining a new electricity connection, obtaining construction permits easier, and introduced compensation for power outages. The transparency in the land registry makes registering new property simpler.

Strong business community support: For the past few years, UAE has been attracting entrepreneurs to start their business or expand their existing business. A survey conducted by Wamda showed that most of the entrepreneurs said that UAE is the preferred destination to start a business.

Digital transformations:The capacity and capability of the UAE government and private companies to spend money on technology have made UAE the forefront of digital transformation in the middle east. UAE is striving to provide an ecosystem ideal for entrepreneurs by increasing the number of co-working spaces, networking opportunities, training centres, accelerators, incubators, events, etc.

Variety in funding sources: UAE is ranked 25th in the Global Entrepreneur’s Index in the world, higher than any middle east countries. UAE being the financial capital of the region, prospect business can easily raise funds from cooperating venture capitalists, a private equity firm, venture capital firms, and angel investors in the middle east.
There has been an evolution in the attitude of venture capital funds in the UAE over the last few years.

Taxes: UAE offers relatively low taxes for operating SMEs. The country does not impose income taxes from companies except for foreign banks, production companies, and oil and gas companies. UAE has introduced a value-added tax of a minimal 5% for staples and healthcare industry.

Free Zones: UAE has over 45 free zones that have a variety of companies working in different sectors. The companies can follow the current mandate by the UAE, with at least 51% of the companies belongs to UAE nationals. Most of the free zones offer 50-years tax holidays and no import duties of products into the trade zones. This attraction makes the financial and regulatory environment and free zones a start-up hub.

Global competitive index: Global competitive index of UAE is 16 out of the 138 countries. It consists of various components institutions, market size, infrastructure, goods market efficiency, and macroeconomic environment.

Government Support for Startups launching in UAE

Inauguration of Innovation Attraction Programme. Image courtesy : The UAE News

UAE has scored relatively high in various start-up indicators, making it a global front runner for entrepreneurship. Some of the initiatives include

UAE laws attracting start-ups:

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