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Serving as a detailed blueprint and making a perfect overview of a project, a feasibility study, or a business plan is the core point before establishing a project.

A feasibility study is made for new businesses or projects, containing various types such as pre-feasibility studies, business models, financial feasibility studies, and operational business plans.

This research contains the internal environment, covering functional, commercial, technical, and financial aspects. Coming to the non-financial area includes key activities, distribution channels, customer segments, and more.

In the financial part, the study provides a monthly, quarterly, and/or yearly overview of income and expenses, forming the inaugural budget for the venture.

Complementing internal insights, the study also examines the external environment or market, exploring drivers and trends related to the economy, supply and demand, technology, stakeholders, competitors, legal considerations, social factors, and demographics. Data is gathered through primary and/or secondary research, with the Planning & Statistics Authority standing out as a reliable source here.

The strengths and weaknesses derive from the internal, while opportunities and threats arise from the external environment. The document strategically outlines ways to leverage strengths for maximizing opportunities, minimizing threats, and mitigating weaknesses.

RAG Global Business Hub stands as a beacon in providing the best feasibility study service in Qatar. With extensive experience, we have contributed to market papers, reports, pre-feasibility studies, and business plans for diverse sectors. Our deliverables surpass industry standards, meeting the criteria set by leading banks and financial institutions, including the Qatar Development Bank.

Emphasizing practicality and applicability, our feasibility studies and business plans extend beyond financing or funding purposes, creating added value during the implementation phase of a business or project. The process involves customized steps, tailored to client requirements and project complexities. Starting with a market report to assess possibilities and evaluate potential, we progress to a pre-feasibility study or feasibility study, adhering to the stringent requirements of banks or financial institutions if the market report yields positive conclusions.

We invite you to share more about your business or project, enabling us to discuss the most suitable and effective approach for your unique venture.