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In adhering to established international market research standards, we have consistently conducted meticulous market research for various brands, honing our expertise over the years. From comprehending businesses and brands to scrutinizing their performance, we leverage the opportunities within global markets to develop highly reliable market insights.

Our research and project execution process adhere to a structured, systematic, proactive, detailed, and target-oriented approach. Initiated by understanding the client’s needs, it progresses through comprehensive project requirements, culminating in post-follow-up engagements with both the client and project specifications.

RAG Global Business Hub’s research methodology revolves around encompassing extensive sample sizes of businesses with a physical market presence. This broad coverage of businesses and industries enables us to draw novel conclusions and ideas, unattainable through secondary market research alone. Our differentiator lies in the detailed, micro-level study of businesses and brands, linking information seamlessly from business owners to their operational branches. This approach proves invaluable in comprehending and navigating market conditions.

The key step in every project is defining its scope and requirements. Understanding client needs leads to enhanced project deliveries and well-informed conclusions. Numerous kickoff meetings are conducted to comprehensively study and strategize the project’s time and resource allocation based on client requirements and ideas.

Exploring information from previously published sources constitutes our secondary research methodology. This approach aids in shaping a nuanced understanding of both international and local perceptions of the researched topic. It also facilitates a more accurate comprehension of general supply and demand trends.

A key strength of RAG Global Business Hub lies in its ability to conduct face-to-face interviews with industry experts on a large scale. The cornerstone of our success is our commitment to visiting, interviewing, and analyzing each product and service-providing facility. This meticulous focus on market players enables us to construct superior data estimates and, consequently, derive more robust conclusions.

For those seeking to register a company in Qatar, our market research extends to understanding the dynamics of company setup in the country. We specialize in navigating the intricacies of new company registration providing comprehensive insights into the company formation cost. Our proficiency also spans company formation in Qatar free zones, where we leverage our expertise to facilitate seamless business service.

The nature of business setup involves detailed attention to the company formation cost. By understanding the factors including influencing costs, etc. we assure our clients that we are aware of the financial implications associated with company setup.

RAG plans thorough research to know the market and our proper approach to new company registration makes business setup in Qatar a hurdle-free process.


We are committed to fulfilling your business dream with 100% foreign ownership. From understanding the marketplace to offering local sponsors in the country, offering not only business registration but also insights into finding local sponsors when needed.

To make the process easier and further, we promise efficient PRO services management.

Whether it’s dealing with legal documentation or liaising with authorities, we ensure a hurdle free process for our clients and give reliable business setup support.

We guide every emerging entrepreneur to register a company in Qatar. With a strategic focus on company setup,  we promise great insights, assuring a smooth journey through the complexities of business registration and formation.